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Final Fantasy G4: Friendship is Magic by CheckerBoardAZN Final Fantasy G4: Friendship is Magic by CheckerBoardAZN
So in this particular universe, ponies are humans and each type of pony is divided into 3 types of humanoids. Unicorns are Elvish while Pegasi are Angels. Obviously earth ponies are normal humans. Luna and Celestia don't have their sparkly hair because these forms depicted are their non-ascended form. The forms that have sparkly hair are for when they ascend into the higher dimension.

Character Classes
Cadence: White Mage
Rainbow: Ninja
Pinkie: Engineer
Fluttershy: Beast Master
Twilight: Paladin
Rarity: Synergist
Applejack: Knight
Luna: Black Mage
Celestia: Summoner

Well this is my first attempt at trying to color and shade people, so any tips you could offer would be nice :) I tried different ways of shading each. I am also sorry if they are not consistent, my style of drawing changes all the time and I have No idea why :/ I also didn't finish the weapons because the humans took too long. I also suck at drawing hands so please forgive me >_<.

I will do a villain's version of this IFF I get enough favorites :P say about 1000+. If you really want a villian version share my picture! :P If I get 5000 favorites and a team, I'll consider making this an actual game on the RPG Maker engine ;D
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July 18, 2013
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